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Transportes Quintanilla transport company began its professional activities in 1965.

From that moment on, an usual method of our company has been to have a modern, continuously-improving fleet, in order to always offer our best services. We keep on evoluting and improving ourselves continuously, having the intention of reaching a total quality and giving an immediate response to our customers´ needs.

As we had the objective of provide our fleet with the best and most modern means to render our services, the whole of our vehicles have been equipped with Global Systems for Mobile communication (GSM).

Transportes Quintanilla has been carrying out all the national and international regulations related to road transport, especially those concerning Dangerous Goods, Traffic and Social regulations. All our vehicles carry on the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road (ADR), having the current permissions and authorizations, issued by the proper institutions. They also have road haulier licences.

The main customers of Transportes Quintanilla come from the chemical and automobile industries, and from other industries related to them.

Our company also have an insurance coverage which includes the whole of the possible risks that may happen in one of our services. The insurance company, which is leader of the European Market, gives even a higher coverage in the specific case of Dangerous Goods than the level demanded by the Spanish administration, and have an “enviromental recovery of damaged areas” clause.

Transportes Quintanilla, within its own infrastructure, has two Transport Operator (agency) authorizations, to render any kind of service related to transport.

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