Vehicle tracking

In Transportes Quintanilla we know about the importance of knowing at any moment and in real time how our vehicles are. Thus, we have to our disposal the most modern vehicle searching technology. One of the advantages of our control system is that it provides truck tracking and also goods tracing, so we can assure you that your shipments are always under control, from the beginning to the end. Because of this searching infrastructure, in just few seconds we achieve:

  1. To know the real location of any truck of our fleet.
  2. To elaborate a detailed report about the followed routes.
  3. To give new orders to a specific vehicle or to a group of them.
  4. To search specific goods loaded.

Our system is also available to our clients. They only need Internet access and a personal key to check in every moment their shipments status.

We have prepared an example taken from a real case of a truck moving from Madrid to Alicante. See the example

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